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about us
S & ANN CO.,LTD. is an International Trading Company, mainly import ing various products from overseas manufacturers in USA, Europe, Asia and supplying to factories in Thailand. In addition, we also have SUB-CONTRACTORS to manufacture some of our products to support our customers need.
elvo clean-o-point brushless electric screw driver with screw counter brushless electric screw driver fuji pre-scale film
screw driver bits palm fit gloves coated
with white pu
lead free soldering station ion blower/static eliminator
ion air gun auto tape dispenser auto screw feeder lead free soldering tips;900m, t10, t12, t18 etc.

any other tooling & esd products to support manufacturing requirements are welcome and open for further discussion.

contact: phone 02 9612462-3 fax 02 9612464
email : somsakdi@sandann.com m/b 081 841 4982